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Sailabala Mishra

5+ years
Experience in leading
Divyajyoti Sevashram

  • Trainer and training module developer.
  • Associated with livelihoods learning programs organized by Govt. of odisha.
  • Inducted/ oriented/ mentored social work professionals.
  • Practitioner of participatory processes – applied/fine-tuned and practiced in a variety of contexts.
  • Pioneered/been part of evolution of processes of significance/consequence to development sector.
  • Led NGO Assessment and Development Partner Selection Processes for various projects/tasks.
  • Outreach of influence to more than 5000 families.
  • Contributed towards professionalizing development practice domain.


Is honoured to have very dynamic Rtn. Sailabala Mishra as its executive director. His devotion to the social work and this itself speaks volumes about his commitment to the society and turned social worker provides the leadership to the organization. Having the belief in participatory approaches, the management of the organization, under his leadership, is moulded in the true spirit of voluntarism. He had several accolades for his yeoman service and grabbed many appreciations for his services in the voluntary sector from both government and non government agencies.

Rtn Sailabala Mishra (59), the Executive Director of Divyajyoti Sevashram is a graduate. He is passionate in social service and started working as a social worker at the young age of 24yrs. He has compassion towards the sufferings of deprived and downtrodden sections of the society. He was surprised seeing the atrocities and discrimination faced by women, children, dalits and hence decided to support them with equity, justice and empowerment. He has been struggling to mobilize resources for the cause of poor and needy. He aims to distribute resources equally to all the sections of the society.