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Rural Sanitation

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This report by the Water and Sanitation Program (WSP), The World Bank analyses primary and secondary data from the Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC) of the Government of India, which has been in operation for over a decade (1999 to date).

The audience for this report includes policy-makers and implementers at national, state and district levels, and the broader sanitation and hygiene community. The report aims at gaining an understanding of the processes, outputs and outcomes of the campaign at a national level and across the states as compared with the inputs that have gone into the program.

The report draws on these indicators, which are then compared individually and in combination to benchmark the states, to understand the relative performance of the states. This benchmarking, based on a combination of eight indicators, is undertaken for both states and districts across the country.

Unless rural sanitation is good a clear environment will be a myth and accordingly even mental environment will not be pollution free. Last year we have constructed 20 Low cost latrines for our people. The villagers realised the merits of using latrines. As health education is a continuous process, we have continued our approaches in the field. The response of the people is good and favourable.